TikTok Tips

Katherine is the undisputed team leader on this production. Not only does she play the lead roles (Megan and Meghan), but her familiarity with TikTok, and the ease with which she films using it, was critical to the success of this undertaking. She recorded these very short videos to help other students use some basic features of TikTok they would need to record their scenes.

First, download the TikTok app to your smartphone. : )

Here Katherine demonstrates how you can cut clips and say a few words, then go to the next line of your script.
Here Katherine demonstrates how to bring up the green screen on TikTok.

Published by magistrammchugh

I am a Professor of ancient Greek, Latin, and Classical Studies at Gustavus Adolphus College, and this blog is an account of the brainstorming and planning that went into the 2021 Plautus students' creation of the film, "Megan & Meghan" that premiered at 7:00 PM CST, April 21, 2021, via Zoom.

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